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KS2. Scottish levels B / C / D

Three new websites for home and school use covering science, history and geography topics. A great source of activities, quizzes, FAQs and worksheets.


Secondary Online Science

KS3. Scottish levels E / F

This site is aimed at you, if you are aged 11–14, like playing games, and want a fun way to help you with your science. In association with the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Institute of Physics.

The Royal Institution Christmas Lectures 2000 – The Rise of the Robots

KS3/4, GCSE+. Scottish levels E / F / SG / NQs

Design your own software robot and test it out in one of our hazard-filled zones. Based on Professor Kevin Warwick's lectures on the history of robots and their role in the future.

Homework High

KS2/3/4, GCSE. Scottish levels B – F / SG / NQs

The award-winning website that offers personalised homework help from qualified teachers.