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Fun, colourful websites, for use by teachers and students in the classroom or at home


The Number Crew

KS1. Scottish levels A / B

All aboard the SS Mathematical, with Fiz, Mirabelle, Ted and their charming but demanding animal passengers.

Maths Mansion

KS2. Scottish levels B / C / D

An interactive maths website for 9–10 year olds, based on the new series set in a gothic mansion where contestants have to answer maths questions in order to escape.

Puzzle Maths

KS2. Scottish levels B / C / D

Seven challenging puzzles covering a wide spectrum of maths (for KS2 and above).


Homework High

KS3/4, GCSE+. Scottish levels E / F / SG / NQs

The award-winning website that offers personalised homework help from qualified teachers.



Maths Zone is a role play adventure where two young people are kidnapped after witnessing a bank robbery. The aim of the game is to escape and inform the police of the whereabouts of the robbers.