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Science in Focus Special: Time and Place in the Communication Age
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National Physical Laboratory: atomic timekeeping. Measurement of time; why we have leap seconds; atomic clocks and how they work. How time is maintained around the UK by means of radio signals. Why this is important. Also, an FAQ about time and timekeeping.
Level: student and teacher.

NIST: US Government time site. An online exhibition about how time has been measured through the ages.
Level: student and teacher.

Royal Observatory, Greenwich: Harrison exhibition. Pictures and information about the famous clocks made by John Harrison in the eighteenth century and how they were used for navigation.
Level: student and teacher.

Ordnance Survey. The Government organisation that maps the country.
Level: student and teacher.

‘Time Lords’. Guardian article about the scientists who maintain time standards around the world.
Level: teacher.,4273,4061034,00.html

Landsat 7. The NASA spacecraft mapping the Earth’s surface to show different types of terrain and land use.
Level: student and teacher.