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Willing and Able


Pupils should appreciate the following points:

  • For disabled people, hiding their disability is usually impossible. But why should disabled people feel a need to hide their disability? Is it because of the way able-bodied people treat them?
  • The actions of able-bodied people can make life harder for disabled people. For example, a poorly planned environment can be dangerous and threatening.
  • Too often disabled people are made to feel like ‘outsiders’. Too often it is left to themselves and charitable organisations to improve things.
  • Many disabled people are willing to help themselves and each other. Disabled people also benefit from the work of certain charities. Local councils help too. However, much more needs to be done to make life more pleasant and fairer for disabled people.
  • Things are often much worse for disabled people living in less wealthy developing countries. Their country’s government cannot afford to help them, and the risk of becoming disabled is greater because of disabling diseases that the country is too poor to tackle without help from richer countries.
  • Developing countries are among the countries most troubled by civil war. Wars create large numbers of disabled people who lose their sight or hearing or limbs. The problem of land mines is likely to last many years.