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Programme Outline

'Kelt, Briton, Saxon, Dane and Scot
time and this island tied a crazy knot.'
(From Ulsterman by John Hewitt)

Presenter John Kelly offers home thoughts from abroad on the complex issue of identity. In Jerusalem identity is visibly expressed through dress and custom. In Belfast things are not always obvious. Some of the key questions posed in the programme are: 'Is my identity as a Catholic, Protestant, Jew or Arab largely conditioned by the family I was born into and the community I grew up in?', 'How much real freedom have I got in the choice of my identity?' and 'What if a received or imposed version of a fixed identity doesn’t fit?'

In the Speak Your Piece studio debate John Kelly asks the young people who they think they are and how others see them. Young people express a range of views about perceptions of their own identity in Northern Ireland.

The drama introduces the central characters of Ken, Pat, Anna and Peter, telling us something of their lives, friends and immediate concerns.