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Scientific Eye: Physical Processes 2
Solar System
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Solar System


Pupils should gain an understanding of:

  • The apparent daily and annual movement of the Sun and other stars being caused by the movement of the Earth;
  • The relative positions of the Earth, Sun and planets in the solar system and that gravitational forces determine the movements of planets around the Sun;
  • The Sun and other stars are light sources and that the planets and other bodies are seen by reflected light;
  • Artificial satellites are used to observe the Earth and to explore the solar system;
  • The fact that the Earth moves around the Sun and not the other way round;
  • Gravity is the force which keeps the planets in orbit around the Sun;
  • The fact that the bigger something is the stronger its gravitational field;
  • The Sun and the other stars as light sources – giving out their own light;
  • The fact that we see the Moon and other planets by reflected light.