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Spanish Programmes for 9s to 12s: La Tienda de Luis
Programme 1: La ayudante nueva
Programme Outline
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Programme 2: ¡Yo soy el jefe!
Programme 3: ¿Qué tienda es ésta?
Programme 4: Quiero ir de excursion
Programme 5: La Fiesta
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Programme 1: La ayudante nueva

Programme Outline


The series is set in the old town of Oviedo in Asturias in northern Spain. In programme one, Luis is just opening his shop for the first time, pinning up a job advertisement for an assistant, when he meets a group of children. He receives a phone call from his aunt, Tía María, announcing that she is on her way to Oviedo to help him. Nothing will stop her so, he asks the children to collect her at the station. Although Luis has given them the wrong information, the children find Tía María. Back at the shop, she tells Luis that she is staying. She is going to be his assistant. In the course of the programme, we also get to visit the homes of some of the children and meet their families.