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The arrival of Sam

Programme Outline

  Episode 1: The Arrival of Sam

(00:00 – 02:03)

We see Sascha finishing with her boyfriend via e-mail and mobile phone while working out on her exercise bike.

(02:03 – 04:57)

Anna brings in the post with Louis the dog. Apart from bills, there is a letter from America for Sascha. It turns out to be from an old pen-friend called Sam. He says he's arriving on 7th July … which is today. The girls dream about American boys and get ready for Sam's arrival.

(04:57 – 07:34)

However, it's Nic who rings the doorbell. He's returning the milk he borrowed three weeks previously. The girls tell him about the letter and Nic momentarily thinks Sam is a girl. He jumps onto Sascha's bike to show off and she gives him a good telling off. He leaves.

(07:34 – 08:25)

At that point, Sam arrives. The girls are shocked when they see him. Not only does he look weird, but he has big problems with his German.

(08:25 – 09:37) On-screen summaries

(09:37 – 10:45)

Sam shows his photos.

10:45 – 15:05)

The girls show him the apartment but then decide he has to go. While they are discussing this in the bathroom, Nic returns and Sam thinks he is the porter. The girls leave Nic to teach Sam some German.

(15:05 – 16:05) On-screen summaries

(16:05 – 17:45)

Nic teaches Sam phrases he knows will upset the girls and encourages Sam to try out Sascha's bike.

(17:45 – 19:55)

The girls return from shopping and are furious. Sam goes to have a shower and the girls resolve to tell him he has to go.

(19:55 – 23:20)

However, when he comes out of the shower, they see how attractive he is and they can't bring themselves to tell him to go. In the meantime, Nic sees on the front cover of Sascha's new magazine a picture of Sam and his parents with the caption, 'The Scott family, one of the richest families in the USA'. Nic speaks to him in the bathroom and asks him why he's here incognito. Sam says he wants good friends. Nic asks Sam to continue keeping his background a secret. The girls have decided he can stay and they go to a party as it is Love Parade Day.

(23:20 – 23.55)

At that moment the landlady rings on the intercom to say she's coming to talk to them. General panic. The girls hide Sam and Nic runs back to his flat.