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Darren Gough's Cricket Academy: The Colts
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Programme 1


  • Darren introduces himself and the series with the children who will be involved in the activities during the four programmes.
  • After a warm-up to increase blood flow and muscle efficiency, the group collects equipment – good to see they are so keen, but you should encourage your groups to walk to avoid accidents.
  • Batting begins with the grip and stance, including keeping eyes level.
  • Front foot attacking shots (drives) are developed, starting with the use of a tee, followed by a vertical feed and an underarm feed from in front.
  • Darren recalls how he became passionate about the game through playing at school and moving on to a club. His former club captain describes aspects of Darren’s early career.
  • Bowling begins with a description of the grip and the phases of coiling and releasing the ball as the ball tracks through a ‘figure 6’.
  • After Darren responds to questions from children, he moves on to catching technique, with a focus on fielding close to the wicket.
  • He reviews the ten ways in which batsmen are given out.
  • The children demonstrate their skills as they play in a game before cooling down.