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The Scots Detective
Freedom Is a Noble Thing
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The Monstrous Regiment of Women
The Scots Empire
The Irish Are Coming
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Freedom Is a Noble Thing

Curriculum Relevance


England and Wales


  • AQA Alternative M Module 5


5-14 People in the Past

Since the topic of Wallace and Bruce and the Wars of Independence is very popular with upper primary and S1/2 secondary, this programme, with its accessible style, will be very useful.

Higher Still Intermediate 1/2

The topic 'Wallace and Bruce' is proving very popular and this programme is a useful addition to a growing stock of appropriate materials.

Higher Still Higher and Advanced Higher

Although the style of the programme would not be appropriate for the depth of study required at this level, many students coming to this topic perhaps for the first time will find the programme a useful introduction to the themes, personalities and main events.

Northern Ireland

CCEA GCE A Level History

  • British and Irish History 1485-1603 foreign Affairs; English policy towards Scotland
  • European History - The Medieval inheritance