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Talking Heads


Talking Heads focuses on the challenges, pressures and satisfactions of being a headteacher today. Five heads from different primary and secondary schools reflect on their individual experiences of headship. They explore their ideas about the skills a headteacher needs, look at issues of management and leadership, and reflect on the steps they have taken to develop a learning culture in their schools.

The headteachers featured in the programme are:

  • Pat Clark, Avondale Park Primary School, North Kensington, London. Avondale Park has 400 pupils and it is Pat's second headship.
  • Anne Murray, Oak Grove Integrated Primary School, Londonderry, Northern Ireland. Anne is Oak Grove's first head — she was part of the movement to set up the school which began in 1991. The school has 400 pupils.
  • Alasdair Macdonald, Morpeth School, Bethnal Green, London. Morpeth is an 11—16 secondary school with 1053 pupils. It is Alasdair’s first headship.
  • Janet Lewis, Sandringham School, St Albans. When we interviewed Janet, she was in her first year of headship, though she had been acting head for some months. Sandringham is an 11—18 school with 1020 pupils.
  • Keith Ajegbo, Deptford Green School, Lewisham, London. Deptford Green is Keith's first headship; at the time of the programme interview he had been there for 12 years. The school has 1028 pupils aged 11—18.

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