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Growing Up Gay

Growing Up Gay comprises two programmes aimed at young people between the ages of 14–19. The programmes explore many issues facing young lesbians and gay men. They make an important contribution to the health and personal development of all young people, and to an understanding of the many issues facing gay people. The need for social justice, equal opportunities, celebration of diversity and social inclusion are key themes.

Programme 1
School's Out – This drama explores some of the personal and social issues facing a young teenage boy growing up gay. Struggling to come to terms with his sexual orientation, he has to cope with prejudice and bullying at school, changing relationships, bereavement and loss, and the tensions of a new stepfamily at home.

Programme 2
Friends and Lovers – Through a series of video diaries containing powerful testimonies, this programme explores the many issues facing young gay people. The diaries reveal how they come to terms with their sexual orientation, cope with fear and prejudice, and seek healthy and fulfilling lives with partners, friends and family. They also reveal some of the diversity of gay lifestyles as young people discuss their experiences of love, friendship, sexual attraction and 'coming out'.

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