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Channel 4's Times Traveller's Guide to Victorian Britain has a number of relevant articles including Charles Darwin, Evolution and Social Darwinism.
A detailed and very informative site about Charles Darwin.
Year 9 history worksheet on discoveries that altered the world, including questions and activities on Charles Darwin.
Guidance from Teachernet about teaching creationism.

Listen again to BBC Radio 4's The Long View, which explores the role of religion in the school curriculum, including the teaching of creationism alongside evolution, and Darwin's role in the dispute.

Channel 4 article outlining the role of the religious right in promoting creationism in the USA.
Explanation of the theory of theistic evolution, the belief that the teachings of creationism and evolution are not incompatible.
According to this article on BBC News 24's website, teachers 'fear evolution lessons'.

Reuters news story about the opposition to the teaching of creationism and intelligent design in science classes in Europe.

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