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Jen and Bex

Jen and Bex

Gay to Z looks at the lives of a range of young people who identify as lesbian, gay or bisexual (LGB). Each young person leads a very different life and faces different issues, some of which are related to their sexual orientation and others that are just part of growing up.

The series presents the negative side of being LGB when young people are growing up in unsupportive and homophobic environments. However, the young people in the series are more than their issues and the unfortunate things that they have experienced. At times, and in different ways, all of them are engaging, funny and touching, and the series maintains a hopeful and positive tone.

Gay to Z portrays LGB young people's lives realistically and is designed to challenge assumptions and provoke discussion amongst pupils. The series supports learning activities that aim to help young people think about LGB people and the issues they might face. It is a key resource in helping young people to explore diversity alongside their own attitudes and values.

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