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Fame Asylum


the band

David, Long, Saeed and Aaron from Status

Watch Status performing their single – 'A Guy Like Me' – live.

This 50-minute programme for 14- to 19-year-olds is presented by conceptual artist, Richard Dedomenici. He seeks to change people's attitudes through music, by creating a pop group with a difference – a boy band made up of four asylum seekers.

Richard teams up with songwriter/producer, Sammy Jay, and choreographer, TJ Arlette, as they hold auditions to find the right combination of singers from the many hopefuls.

But can the band cut it in the competitive world of pop music? Can they be transformed into singing, dancing, styled pop stars in time for a crucial public performance? And is this an art project that will be remembered for years to come, or is it a blatant exploitation of vulnerable young people?

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