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The following links will support teacher and students in finding out more about the British Empire.

Selected video clips from Empire: How Britain Made the Modern World.

In this edited extract from his book that accompanies the series, Niall Ferguson explains how the British empire provided the framework for present-day globalisation.
British Empire is a very comprehensive site produced by a History teacher.
Material and background information from The National Archives.
Essays about the Scramble for Africa, including The Boer War and David Livingstone.
The Livingstone Online website is extensive, and includes details of his life story.
A History of India from the Indian Child website.
Information about The Suez Crisis from the Bodleian Library, University of Oxford.
Data Wales' page about Henry Morgan, 'a Welsh buccaneer and son of Monmouthshire'.
Illustrated articles about the battles of the American War of Independence, from
The Spartacus Internet Encyclopedia's extensive section on The Slave Trade.
Australian history site from the Australian Government's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

General history sites for secondary aged students:

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