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The DfES's Teachernet website has a section on teaching about controversial issues.

Channel 4's INSET notes on Teaching Controversial Issues.

Run by the Department for Education and Skills, the Homophobia and Sexual Orientation in Schools part of this site has information about equality of opportunity, anti-discrimination legislation and homophobic bullying.
The Publications and Exhibition Materials section includes Stand up for Us, a resource that aims to support schools in taking a whole-school approach to challenging homophobia. A self-review toolkit is available to download.
Coretta Scott King, widow of Martin Luther King, compares the gay and black civil rights movements.
Information about the work of J-FLAG – Jamaica Forum for Lesbians, All-sexuals and Gays – featured in the programme.

BBC news report on the agreement reached between the reggae industry and gay rights groups in the UK.


To view 4Learning video clips you will need Windows XP/2000 and Windows Media Player 9, 10 or 11. Unfortunately, the clips are not supported on Macintosh computers.

The video clips may contain a few seconds of extra material at the beginning and end. We have therefore included opening and closing descriptions to help identify the intended scene.

Brixton gig
Clip 1: 08:00 – 09:20

  • Opens with Stephen Amos saying, 'The whole place was just engulfed with the sound of silence.'
  • Closes with Stephen Amos saying, 'Thanks a lot – goodnight!'

Dancehall lyrics
Clip two: 12:50 – 13:42

  • Opens with Stephen Amos saying, 'Before hitting the shops, I'd done my research and had printed out a list of homophobic lyrics…'
  • Closes with Stephen Amos saying, 'They're regurgitating what they've been told – by their idols.'

Meeting Ian McKnight
Clip three: 19:47 – 20:49

  • Opens with Stephen Amos saying, 'One of the reasons I was very passionate about making this programme…'
  • Closes with Ian McKnight saying, 'And, to be assured that you will get off.'

Seventh Day Adventists
Clip 4: 29:52 – 30:54

  • Opens with Pastor Ryan Simpson saying, 'Can I say, certainly I believe, and I can say this clearly, that my church teach there are certain conditions…'
  • Closes with Stephen Amos saying, 'The idea that my sexuality, and that of other gays, could be changed or reprogrammed, really annoyed me.'

Meeting Stefan
Clip five: 44:35 – 45:52

  • Opens with Stephen Amos saying, 'But what if that leads to your murder?'
  • Closes with Stephen Amos saying, 'We owe our kids better than this, I think.'

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