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Batty Man




  • To promote understanding of attitudes to homosexuality in the black community
  • To raise awareness of the negative effects of homophobic attitudes on young people and wider society
  • To highlight the importance of respect for self, others and difference
  • To investigate the influence of popular black music, religion and culture on young people's attitudes.


This series supports a range of personal and social learning activities across the 14-19 age range. As well as linking with cross curricular themes such as ethos, equality and inclusion, it is of particular relevance to the following subject areas:



  • Developing good relationships and respecting the differences between people: Know about the diversity of different ethnic groups and the power of prejudice; challenge prejudice, bullying and discrimination assertively and take the initiative in giving and receiving support; work co-operatively with a range of people, showing goodwill to others and using strategies to resolve disagreement peacefully.

Citizenship KS4

  • Knowledge and understanding about becoming informed citizens: Know about the legal and human rights (or lack thereof) and responsibilities and how they relate to citizens; know about the origins and implications of the diverse national, regional, religious and ethnic identities in the UK.



  • Attitudes and values: Show care and consideration for others and be sensitive towards their feelings; value cultural diversity and equal opportunity and respect the dignity of all; be moved by injustice, exploitation and denial of human rights
  • Skills: Communicate effectively their feelings and views; appreciate another person's point of view; make decisions and choices
  • Knowledge and understanding: Social, community, sexual and emotional aspects.

Northern Ireland

Learning for Life and Work KS4

  • Personal development: Reflect on and respond to their developing concept of self, including managing emotions and reactions to ongoing life experiences; develop their understanding of relationships and sexuality and the responsibilities of healthy relationships
  • Local and global citizenship: Respond to the specific challenges and opportunities that diversity and inclusion present in Northern Ireland and the wider world; develop understanding of the role of society and government in safeguarding individual and collective rights in order to promote equality and to ensure that everyone is treated fairly.

Scotland (under development)

Developing responsible citizens through:

  • Health and wellbeing
  • Social studies.

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