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Resources to support and enhance TV programmes for the classroom

Science for Today


Helping teachers to make the most of partnerships with business through science initiatives and industry-linked projects developed by business and other public bodies.



Using ICT in the classroom can be daunting even to the most confident of teachers. These online notes offer a guide to the series developed by Anglia Multimedia for training teachers in ICT.

Talking Heads


The challenges, pressures and satisfactions of being a head teacher today. Five head teachers from primary and secondary schools discuss their motivations, influences and visions for their schools.

Equal Voice


A collection of simple, drama-based techniques which promote self-esteem in primary-school children by providing a safe structure in which they can express and understand feelings.

Count Me In

Primary, secondary

A resource for teachers in mainstream schools who have pupils with disabilities in their class, including how inclusion can work successfully, good practice, case histories and personal testimonies from teachers and pupils.

Brain Box (A level, SG, HS)


A much praised resource exploring the latest scientific research into how the brain works, looking particularly at intelligence, learning, memory and creativity.

Teaching Citizens

Primary, secondary

A three-programme series highlighting many of the issues teachers will encounter as the citizenship programmes of study are introduced into primary and secondary schools.

Teaching Controversial Issues (INSET for PSHE and Citizenship teachers)

Primary, secondary

For Teachers
Programme notes designed to help teachers new to citizenship teach controversial issues – such as asylum seekers and gay rights – in the classroom.

Improving City Schools

11–18 years

Programme Notes to support the Improving City Schools programmes.

Shakespeare's Half Hours

11–18 years

A selection of highlights demonstrating important stages in the evolution of four London schools' contributions to the Shakespeare School Drama Festival.