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Howard Goodall's Big Bangs

GCSE / A level. Scottish levels SG / NQs

Howard Goodall examines five momentous turning points in European musical history and asks what they mean for us today as the thousand-year reign of European music appears to be coming to a close.

Howard Goodall's Great Dates

A level. Scottish levels GNVQ / NQs

Composer Howard Goodall argues that great pieces of music are not inexplicable creations of genius but are the products of their time, place, culture and politics.

Inside Art

KS3. Scottish levels E / F

Follow the production of different paintings, from initial concept to completion, and discover how different artists use colour, line, tone, form, and shape in their work.

The Mix: Express Yourself

KS 2. Scottish levels C / D / E

Introduction to the work of five contemporary artists, each working in a different medium.

The Mix: Handmade 1

KS 2. Scottish levels C / D / E

Introduction to the work of ten craftspeople, each working in a different medium, based on a series of visually irresistable five minute films – a chance to try your hand at ice-cube sculpting, origami or paper marbling.

The Mix: Handmade 2

KS 2. Scottish levels C / D / E

Featuring biographies, interviews and ideas to try based on the work of ten arts and craftspeople, including a candle sculptor, a wood carver, a cricket bat maker, a pot thrower and painter, a henna artist and a ballet shoe maker.

The Mix: Handmade 3

KS 2. Scottish levels C / D / E

Notes to support Handmade programmes 21–26, including background information about and interviews with the featured artists.

The National Gallery

KS4 / GCSE. Scottish levels E / SG / NQs

Introducing selected paintings from London's National Gallery collection. Individual topics include portait painting, images of women, perspective, everyday life, and narrative in painting.

Pitch Fever

KS3. Scottish levels E / F

Discover the secret of what makes a successful pop song, the importance of music for the advertising industry and the function of music in film. An investigation into different types of music and of the structures within the music-making process.


KS4 / GCSE. Scottish levels SG / NQs

Programme outlines, practical activities and background information to each of the five Rewind programmes focussing on Performance and Composition

Tartan Jam

KS 2/3. Scottish levels C / D / E

Scottish music traditions, with studies in rhythm, melody, tone, and form.

Tate Modern

KS4 / GCSE+. Scottish levels SG / NQs

Programme Notes to support the Tate Modern television series. These include a synopsis of each programme, information about featured works of art, and useful weblinks.