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Channel 4 Learning began in 1993 when the ‘Channel 4 Schools’ television service first began broadcasting. Over the subsequent 14 years much has changed in the formal education market, but what has remained a constant is Channel 4 Learning's commitment to providing innovative, curriculum–focused products and services to motivate and inspire teachers and learners has remained strong.

More than 300 hours of programming broadcast on Channel 4 are enhanced by Channel 4 Learning's range of interactive resources on DVD, CD-Rom online and other digital platforms.

Our flagship service, Clipbank was launched in October 2007 to secondary schools across the UK. This cross-curricular digital learning service has proven very popular covering all major subjects with over 4,000 interactive quizzes, exam board links and daily and weekly news service. It supports teachers by bringing the latest & most up-to-date video right into the classroom and engages students with a media that they can relate and respond to.

Espresso Education is the parent company to Channel 4 Learning products, Channel 4 Learning’s Clipbank and partner with ITN in Education Clip Library.  In October 2013 Espresso was acquired by Discovery Education, the leading company in the world for the provision of curriculum-based digital content to classrooms. More >>

Espresso’s products and services are proudly produced in the UK. Our talented team of over 120 employees are passionate about making a positive contribution to the education across the world. Within our production and training teams, we benefit from the experience of many senior educationalists and teachers who have a keen understanding of the needs of teachers and pupils.

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Channel 4 Learning International

Channel 4 Learning's content is currently distributed worldwide on multiple platforms - broadcast, video, DVD, CD-ROM, online, broadband and other digital platforms - into both formal educational institutions and the home market. Channel 4 Learning's international sales team license and distribute this content through broadcasters, publishers, distributors, agents and Ministries of Education. The team attend all major educational and television trade shows as well as making specific territory visits each year. For further information, or if you wish to become a licensee or distributor of Channel 4 learning's content, please visit our dedicated international website.


Espresso Education, the UK market leader in the provision of video-based digital curriculum services to primary and secondary schools (featuring Espresso Primary, Clipbank and Channel 4 Learning),  which includes  an international division  that  licenses and distributes content into more than 40 countries worldwide;

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