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Location: North-western Europe, bordering Noway, Finland and the Baltic Sea
Capital: Stockholm
Population: 8,850,000
Total Area: 450,000 sq km
People per
sq km:
19.7 per sq km
Language: Swedish
Currency: Swedish Krona (SKr); 1SKr = £0.07p

Stockholm in winterSweden, along with Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland, is a Scandinavian country. Like them, it has a history of fearsome Vikings who travelled all over the world, fighting people wherever they went! Today, Sweden is very different, and is best known as the country who gave the world the pop group Abba, Volvo cars and the furniture shop Ikea!


A typical Swedish lake, surrounded by ForestBut what about the country itself? Well, it’s certainly very beautiful, full of forests and lakes. It also reaches so far North that one sixth of it is in the Arctic Circle. This means that most people live in the south of the country; this can still be very cold, especially in the winter.

A cottage in North SwedenBecause it is so far north, Sweden has very different seasons to the ones we are used to. As well as sunshine, rain and snow, the Swedes have days and nights that vary enormously in length at different times of the year. This effects the way Swedes live, and can be very surprising to visitors! To find out more, check out Day and Night.

What do people do in a country of such extremes? Well, Sweden’s not that far away from Britain, and just like us they go to school, enjoy their food, play sport and try to have as much fun as possible. But how is their day to day life different from ours? Find out in Life.

Finally, to learn some weird and wonderful facts about Sweden and its people, check out the Amazing Facts page.


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