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Netherlands Flag
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The Netherlands
Location: Western Europe,
bordering the North Sea
Capital: Amsterdam
Population: 15,981,500
Area: 37,330 sq km
People per
sq km:
Language: Dutch
Currency: 1 Euro = £0.62p

A dykeThe word Netherlands means the Low Lands - a good name for a country where 60% of the people live below sea level! The Netherlands is a flat country which is criss-crossed with many rivers and canals, but has very few hills. Much of the land is so low that huge walls called dykes are used to hold the sea back.

Traditional Dutch windmillsThis flat geography explains why people in the Netherlands (called the Dutch) are so keen on cycling, and is also the reason for some of the Netherlands' best-known landmarks - windmills. To find out more, check out the Bikes and Windmills section.


A street in AmsterdamThe Netherlands is one of our nearest European neighbours. How are their day-to-day lives similar to and different from ours? Find out in the Life section.


Finally, to learn some weird and wonderful facts about the Netherlands and its people, go to the Amazing Facts page.

Zich Amuseren - that's 'Have Fun' in Dutch!


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