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Location: Southern Europe, bordering the Aegean Sea, Ionian Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea, between Albania and Turkey
Capital: Athens
Population: 10.94 million
Total Area: 132,000 sq km (Mainland: 107,000 sq km, Islands: 25,000 sq km)
People per
sq km:
Language: Greek
Currency: Drachma (GRD) and Euro (EUR)

If you ask somebody what they know about Greece, they will often have a lot more knowledge of ancient Greece than they do of modern Greece! There is a huge amount of beautiful historical architecture in Greece, and the history is a very important part of our Western culture, but modern Greece is also full of great things too!

The island of CreteGreece is a very beautiful and varied country. There are hundreds of islands (Crete is the largest one), thousands of coastlines and ports, and mountains and seas which all make for a very varied landscape. Because of the types of landscape that exist in Greece, outdoor pursuits are plentiful and extreme sports enthusiasts have a great time.

Skiing on Parnassos MountainIt can be extremely hot in Greece in the summer (up to 40 degrees!), which is often too hot to be able to do anything. But it also gets quite cold in the winter and the mountains can be covered in snow. This means people can go skiing in the mountains.

Rafting on the Neston River in MacedoniaThere are lots of rivers, and people go rafting down some of these!



A turtle found in the waters around Zakinthos There are many endangered species that live in Greece and on the Greek islands. The Mediterranean sea turtle, or the Caretta-Caretta, is one of them!

Other endangered species include the monk seal, Monachus-Monachus. In the forests you can find wildcats, martens, brown bears, roe deer, and sometimes you might even spot a wolf, wild boar or a lynx!

Athens Parthenon Greece is famous for its history and there are loads of museums, monuments and archaeological sites to be explored: find out more in the Ancient Greece section.

People living in Kerkira (an Ionian island)But what about modern Greece? What do you know about the Greek way of life? Find out in the Life section.

And check out the Amazing Facts page for some great Greek gems!


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