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Location: Central Europe, bordering nine other European countries
Capital: Berlin
Population: 82,000,000
Total Area: 356,866 sq km
People per
sq km:
Language: German
Currency: Euro

A large lakeGermany is situated in the heart of Europe, bordering Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Poland and Switzerland. It's an extremely varied country, made up of lowlands, hills, rivers, lakes, forests and mountains.

German people are often thought of as accurate and efficient, a view that probably has a lot to do with the excellent cars they make - BMW and Mercedes Benz. However, this can't be true for everyone: after all, Germany is nearly three times the size of England and has about one and half times as many people living in it.

Marksburg CastleIn actual fact, the people, towns and cities in Germany's sixteen states are just as varied as the landscape. In the north-west of the country there are lively ports, while in the north-east watersports are the main attraction. The west of Germany has several large industrial cities, and in the south the Alps attract skiers, while the forests offer a quieter way of life.

BerlinAs well as all of this, Germany's capital city Berlin is one of the biggest and liveliest in Europe, with the country's politicians mixing with office workers, artists and young people who love to party!

Although they're one of Britain's closest European neighbours, the Germans do some things very differently from us. Find out more in Table Manners.

What about the things that everybody does - speaking, going to school, playing sport and travelling? Are these things different in Germany? Find out in Life.

Finally, to learn some weird and wonderful facts about Germany and its people, check out the Amazing Facts page.


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