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Location: Western Europe, bordering the Atlantic Ocean
Capital: Paris
Population: 60,400,000
Total Area: 551,000 sq km
People per
sq km:
Language: French
Currency: Franc, Euro

A mountain in the AlpsFrance is the biggest country in Europe, making up almost one fifth of the entire European Union. Two thirds of the country is made up of plains, but France also boasts 3,000km of coastline, large mountains and beautiful countryside. The climate in the north of France is similar to Britain, but in the south the weather is much hotter and drier.

Beautiful beachesMore people go on holiday to France than any other country in the world: even the French often go on holiday in their own country! So why is France so popular? What makes it such a great place to live in?

Spectacular sceneryWell, as you’ve heard, France is country with lots of beautiful scenery. The people are also very passionate: they love French food, French sport, French art –they’re enthusiastic about nearly everything they do! Find out about two of France’s favourite things in Bread and Races.

To find out more about French school, travel and leisure, have a look at the Life section, and to see some great facts about France and its people, check out Amazing Facts.


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- loads of information on the different regions of France
- kids’ guides to all things French
- information on France’s history and culture, and what it’s like to visit
- a guide to everyday life in France
- a complete guide to the sights and attractions of the French capital Paris
- this site’s not quite finished yet, but still a great kids’ guide to France

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