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Location: Northern Europe, between Sweden and Russia
Capital: Helsinki
Population: 5,175,783
Total Area: 338,145 sq km
People per
sq km:
Language: Finnish & Swedish
Currency: Euro (EUR)

Finland is a Scandinavian country, and is the seventh largest country in Europe. Sweden is to the west, the tip of Norway is in the north, and there is a long, long border with Russia to the east. Estonia is to the south across a sea called the Gulf of Finland.

Finland has a long history - the first people arrived there an amazing 10,000 years ago, just after the final Ice Age had ended. Almost two thirds of the country is made up of woods and forests, and much of the rest is water and lakes. Most towns and cities are built between the trees and the water, and many have amazing views of the surrounding countryside.

Finland has similar weather to its nearest neighbours, Sweden and Norway. It is very cold in the winter, particularly in the north, but in the summer it is much warmer. In fact during the hot summer months while some in the south are enjoying the beach and swimming, their fellow Finns are still skiing in the north.

Some of Finland's many islandsDespite its reputation, Finland isn’t all mountains and forests. Off the southern coast of Finland there are over 30,000 islands: the seas around them are home to some fabulous marine animals such as dolphins and whales.


A reindeerUp in the north of Finland, Lapland is rumoured to be the home of Rudolph the Reindeer and Father Christmas! Whether this is true or not, Finns certainly love to celebrate. Find out how they have fun, and how they relax, in Hot and Cold.


Finns are often thought of as being very shy, reserved and private people, but once you get to know them they are very warm-hearted and friendly. Finland is also a very safe country, which has very little crime. Learn more in our Life section.

Last but not least, don’t forget to take a look at our Amazing Facts page.



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