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Location: Western Europe, bordering Germany, the North Sea and the Baltic Sea
Capital: Copenhagen
Population: 5,356,000
Total Area: 42,930 sq km
People per
sq km:
Language: Danish
Currency: Danish krone (DKr), Euro

Copenhagen, the Danish capitalDenmark is a Scandinavian country, along with Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland. Like its neighbours, Denmark is built on a history of fearsome Vikings who set sail and fought other countries all over the world. Today, Denmark is more civilised – a much quieter and friendlier place to live in!

Danish PastrySo what do you know about Denmark? Well firstly it’s famous for pastries: delicious Danish pastries are eaten all over the world. Danish bacon’s pretty famous too – we eat a lot of it in with our great British fry-ups! What else? Lego of course! The Danes invented Lego, a favourite toy and hobby for both adults and children everywhere.

Denmark has also produced some very famous people – the football goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel is certainly a Great Dane! Probably the most famous Dane is Hans Christian Andersen. Have you heard of him? You will almost certainly have read some of his stories.

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Do the Danish like their pastries as much as the rest of the world? Who’s going to be the next Peter Schmeichel? What on earth is hygge? The answers to these and many more questions are in the Life section.

Finally, to learn some weird and wonderful facts about Denmark and its people, check out the Amazing Facts page.


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