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Czech Republic
Way of Life
Location: Central Europe, between Poland in the north, Germany in the northwest and west, Austria in the south and Slovakia in the east.
Capital: Prague
Population: 10,300,000
Total Area: 79,000 sq km
People per
sq km:
Language: Czech and Slovak
Currency: Korun or Koruna, Kc
(1 Kc = 100 haleru)

Czech people generally have a good way of life, and most of the population has access to modern technology and services: washing machines, TVs, holidays...! But the majority live in the cities and because the cities are so full of people, some have to live in very small, cramped apartments.


The Czech diet is very similar to that of people living in Germany. Typically, Czech people eat pork, pickled cabbage, and lots and lots of DUMPLINGS! A particular dumpling is called knedlíky and the Czech people eat these very often. They eat sweet and savoury dumplings too, as well as strudel and pancakes. Sauerkraut is used a lot, even in soup. They also eat open sandwiches and frankfurters, and if you go to the Czech Republic you would find a lot of snack bars selling this kind of food.

But people probably know more about Czech beer than they do about Czech food - this country's beer is famous throughout the world!


The Czech day starts quite early - shops open at 7am - but this means that everything shuts early too. The Czech people like to watch movies and TV, and football is particularly popular. Those who live in the cities can go to see ballets, operas and music shows.

Folk Art

Folk tradition in the Czech Republic is very strong and is very much part of the everyday lives of the people. Popular folk arts include puppet theatre, creating glass paintings and making a blue-and-white painted fabric known as modrotisk. A traditional treat is to hand-paint a boiled egg, or to bake sweet bread which has been moulded into the shape of a lamb.


Did you know that the Czech people not only celebrate their birthday, but also their nameday? This is a national custom and parents choose their child's name from a list of 400 first names. This means that every day of the year has one or two names connected with it. It is customary to send cards and gifts to people on their nameday!

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