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Before you have a go at this one, do you know what a Tangram is?

A Tangram is created by splitting up a shape into pieces. For instance a square can be divided into three triangles, a smaller square and a parallelogram...

In this game I've divided squares up into various different shapes. You've got to use all of them to recreate the square.

To drag each shape into the square, simply click, drag and drop onto the playing area. Double-click to rotate the shapes 90°. Use the 'Rotate All' button if you want to rotate more than one shape.

Use levels 1, 2 & 3 to experiment, practice and develop your skills. I'll time each go you have so you'll know how well you're doing. When you think that you're Master of the Tangram, have a go at level 4 - The Challenge Level! You'll need to get 7 out of 10 on level 3 first, so get practising!


Tangrams game

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