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shop 'til you drop

how to play

This is a game for all you Big Spenders out there.

I will give you a sum of money and all you have to do is spend as much of it as you can aren't I generous?!

Your aim is to get as many items as you can and be left with the least amount of change.

You can only buy each item once during each go AND I'll change each item's price from spree to spree, so watch out!

When you want to choose an item, drag it into your carrier bag - the one that's sitting on my counter. When you want to pay, just click on the Checkout button.

The scoring is quite simple. I'll give you a point if you get near enough - and I'll be the judge of how near that is! If you overspend, you won't get any points.

You need to get 7 out of 10 to move up a level - good luck and happy shopping!

Top Tip! Remember you are working to a budget so take a look at all the prices before making your selection!


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