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Welcome to Puzzle Maths - the most challenging maths site ever! If you fancy yourself as a bit of a numerical wiz or if you just want to test your mental metal we've got the puzzle just for you - whatever your age·whatever your level.

The seven puzzles cover a wide spectrum of maths and can be played at different levels, making them endlessly appealing and challenging.

Jake and Jess are resident on the site and they reckon they know exactly how each Puzzle can be cracked .They'll show you the best way to play each game. To find out their strengths, weaknesses and any other little foibles click on the Jake Page or the
Jess Page

Harvey the Rabbit
No site would be complete without a resident rabbit and Harvey is the brains behind this myriad of maths. He'll tell you the rules of each game & pop up with top tips, hints for optimum gameplay or just to help you out when you are feeling a numerical numbskull.

The Games
If you click on Games you will see the names of the seven puzzles. Select a game, click on it and we'll show you how to play it step by step. When you're ready, click on Play and begin!

The Levels
The Puzzle Maths Website is a superb way to push yourself to your mathematical limit (and beyond!).
Some of the games are played against the clock, others have a set number of Puzzles that you must solve before you can go on to the next level.
Level 1 is for younger or less experienced players and it becomes more difficult with each level until at Level 4 you are in the realms of vintage Vorderman.

High Scores - Level Four
For those of you talented - or lucky - enough to get to Level 4, you can then enter the Champions League!
Click on High Scores to enter your total at the end of a game. Each player must identify himself by three letters - for example your initials or perhaps the first three letters of your name. The date of play will automatically be added so that you know that it's you!
Hit the submit button and this information will be displayed on the Puzzle Maths High Scores Chart - Who will be Number One?!

Not everyone is lucky enough to have access to Shockwave so some puzzles will be available on HTML which can be printed out and played on paper. Just select Games, click a title and hit Download. This will give you a taster - but why stay on the outside?
Get the plug-in
to get plugged on.

Information for Oldies
Although these puzzles are fun - they are in fact built from a strict maths framework so for those of you who still come under the wing of a parent or guardian, just tell them to hit the
Oldies button
where they can find out the background to Puzzle Maths.

The Challenge
Just remember two things:

Uno: It's a Challenge so be prepared to make mistakes - if you don't succeed, try again and then again until you've cracked it·.and you will!

Duo: Whether or not you play like a hot shot you are part of one of the most exciting new ventures on the internet - you can't lose!




The Puzzle Maths team