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Programme 14 'Ten Thing Bowling Competition'
In which the Number Crew sets up a bowling competition and the children have to keep track of the scores to find out who's won.
Mirabelle and Ted agree to a proper Ten Thing Bowling Competition and the children act as commentators. Fiz commentates as the Tiger, Moose and the Polar Bear all score ten in different ways.
At the finals Flo commentates as the Crocodile gets ten, the Panda gets ten and the Tiger gets four. Bradley commentates on the next round as the Crocodile gets ten, the Panda gets four and the Tiger gets ten. The scores appear on the score board.
Fiz commentates on the third and final round of the finals. They all get a total of twenty-four so the competition is a draw and they all get medals for scoring twenty-four in three different ways.
Maths Content Use knowledge of number facts and place value to add a pair of numbers mentally within the range 0 to at least 10, and 0 to at least 20.
Studio Action Matthew hosts "What's that Number?" to practise adding numbers to twenty so it becomes clear that twenty plus something is twenty something.
Matthew continues the game practicing adding numbers to ten and explaining slightly different numbers like eleven and twelve.
Finally he challenges the viewer to think of some more ways to make twenty-four.
Songs 'The Number Rumba'