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Numbers and the Number System

Programme 21: The Return of the Great Big Hen  
Multiplying and dividing decimals mentally by 10 or 100, and integers by 1,000, and explaining the effect

Programme 22: Hundredths and Thousandths  
Ordering a mixed set of numbers with up to three decimal places

Programme 23: Make and Break: Part 1  
Recognising multiples and using them to explore grid patterns

Programme 24: Make and Break: Part 2  
Recognising factors and prime numbers

Programme 25: Do the Same to the Bottom as the Top  
Recognising equivalent fractions and reducing a fraction to its simplest form by cancelling common factors

Programme 26: More Fraction Action  
Finding fractions of numbers and quantities

Programme 27: Percentigimole  
Understanding the equivalence of fractions, decimals and percentages

Programme 28: Proportionimole  
Understanding the equivalence of fractions, ratio and proportion


Programme 29: Sad Hair Day  
Carrying out column addition and subtraction of numbers involving decimals

Programme 30: Another Sad Hair Day  
Carrying out short multiplication of numbers involving decimalsBuy Products

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Programme Notes

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