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Programme 11: Take It Easy  
Strategies for calculating differences mentally

Programme 12: Nine Nits Is All There's Room For  

Addition and subtraction of two integers less than 10,000

Programme 13: Breaking Up Is Easy To Do  
Multiplication facts up to 10 x 10 and working out unknown facts from known facts

Programme 14: You Ain't Nothing but a Houndred  
Multiplying a three-digit number by a single digit number

Programme 15: Dividing We Stand  
Dividing a three-digit number by a single digit number

Programme 16: Double Digit Dating  
Multiplying two-digit numbers by two-digit numbers

Measures, Shape and Space

Programme 17: Six Flat Worms  
Finding areas of rectangles

Programme 18: Learn Your Lines  
Recognising properties of parallel and perpendicular lines

Programme 19: Rectangle Delight  
Recognising the properties of rectangles

Programme 20: Triangle Delight  
Recognising the properties of triangles

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