Channel 4 Learning

Numbers and the Number System

Programme 1: Not the Great Big Hen  
Multiplying any positive integer by 10 or 100

Programme 2: Not the Great Big Hen Again  
Dividing any positive integer by 10 or 100

Programme 3: The Deciworms  
Decimal notation for tenths and hundredths

Programme 4: The Negs  
Positive or negative integers

Programme 5: Fraction Aid  
Fractions and decimal representations

Programme 6: The Rounding Machine  
Rounding up to one or two decimal places

Programme 7: Get Some Fraction Action  
Relating fractions to division

Programme 8: The Whole Class Should be Expelled  
Understanding percentages and the equivalence between percentages and fractions

Solving Problems

Programme 9: The Queen of Tarts  
Simple problems using ratio and proportion

Programme 10: Doing Time  
Simple time problems

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