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Losing it
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JudeLosing It

Losing It is a 4Learning drama about young people and mental health.

Young people with mental health problems are likely to feel very isolated and distressed. It is important for them to know that help is available and that they are not alone. And the sooner problems are tackled, the easier they are to deal with and the less they will disrupt everyday life.

'Sometimes I sit in my room staring at the walls and feeling very low. Or crying for no real reason. There's nothing I can do to make myself feel better.'

There are no instant cures for mental health problems, but there are lots of ways that they can be helped. Quite often a combination of approaches is the most effective, together with support from friends and family.

'After I felt depressed a few times, I knew I'd always come out of it. It was horrible thinking it might come back, though. In the end, I went for counselling, which helped me feel more in control of my life.'

On this website, you will find an 'abc' of the more common mental health problems, the treatments available and the health professionals involved. This is linked to 'Find Out More' – extensive lists of organisations, websites and books that will point you in the direction of further information, help and support. Family members and friends who want to help someone with a mental health problem will find useful suggestions in '10 Tips'. And '4Learning Xtra', which has been specially designed to provide support for teachers in schools and colleges, contains much of interest to anyone wanting to find out more about mental health issues.

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