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Regional and Local Government

Local government deals with what's happening on your very own doorstep. Parliament and the government deal with the country as a whole and international goings on. They're unlikely to devote their precious time in Parliament discussing what to do about the state of the park across the road or what should happen about the rubbish being dumped on the pavement outside your house.

If they did this for every single person living in the UK, nothing would ever get done. These are local issues concerning you, your neighbours and your community. So, who deals with local problems? Your local council.

Regional government

Map showing regional Government centres

What about the wider area you live in – your nation or region? There might be problems and issues affecting the area beyond your locality. These may need more than just one small local council to deal with them.

This is where national parliaments and assemblies come in. They are like mini governments, dealing with issues that specifically affect people nationally or regionally. Scotland has its own parliament and there are national assemblies for Wales and Northern Ireland. Each of these nations is sub–divided into regions.