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Next elections

At last! It's time for people's voices to be heard. If you don't like what the government has done, vote for someone else. If you want to support the government and get others to support it too, get out there and campaign! Election time is pretty busy for political parties. From the moment campaigning starts to the last minute of voting, they are trying to get your vote.

Election Time

What does it mean for you? There are party political broadcasts shoved ahead of your favourite programmes. Who put them there and why? Then there are the canvassers at your door with their rosettes and clipboards. You might get leaflets through your letter box or be stopped in the street.

The news will have special sections devoted to the campaigning. It can be quite exciting watching the results coming in on the TV on election night – a bit like watching the football results. But it can also be a bit strange. What's it all about? Who's who? What's going on anyway?

John Prescott on campaign

John Prescott campaigning for the Labour Party before the 1997 general election. After the election, he became deputy prime minister.