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Star Maths
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Star Maths

Genre 3D Animation
Episodes 40 x 10 minute programmes
Rights World All Media
Languages English, Spanish
Resources TV

This major series is designed to develop mathematical skills and confidence, demonstrating that whilst essential, maths can also be fun.

The forty 3-D animated episodes in Star Maths solve day-to-day problems in an extraordinary situation.

On a planet deep in space, two children, Sam and Amber, are responsible for their own survival, which requires an understanding of maths to solve the challenges they encounter and to enjoy their adventures. They are helped by Liza, the space ferry pilot, eccentric Uncle Zak and a group of robotic helpers, the Wattbots.

Star Maths is an entertaining educational resource which provides variety and invaluable help to teachers and pupils.

The topics covered are:

  • Numbers and the Number System; Measures, Shape and Space – 20 x 10-minute programmes
  • Calculations; Solving Problems; Handling Data – 20 x 10-minute programmes