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Programme 5
Newcomers to the City

Italy is famous for historic cities, unspoilt since the Middle Ages, but Genoa is different. It does have history - Colombus came from here and its port and exploration are part of its background. But it is also a town with heavily industry and its played a key role in Italy's rise to prosperity since the war. However, within the last three decades it has seen decline, unemployment, social change, and most recently attempts at regeneration.

1. Introduction: Make your own Summary

Sort out on the map what Genoa's location has done for it. Why do the nearby mountains matter? what part do Milan and Turin play? what cargoes does it handle?


2. A port past its sell by date?

People have flooded into Genoa and then deserted it. Why does the population ebb and flow and what does it tell us about the city's past and present?


3. UK comparison: Genoa and Liverpool

Liverpool and Genoa are both ports which have seen better times. They have different histories but the second half of the 20th century has seen each decline then attempt recovery.


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