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Programme 4

The virtues and vices of the South are well expressed in rural Sicily. The climate and relief, the isolation, tradition and now reform - all make it captivating, hard to manage, but full of potential. Can farmers make a proper living? What scope is there for new ideas? Must traditional values give way to "progress"?

1. Introduction: The Traditional Way

Farmers have grown the same crops, kept the same livestock for centuries in Sicily. It fits in with the physical conditions and a style of life people know and respect. What factors are involved, exactly?


2. New Possibilities: Living off the Land

If change is needed, what are the options? Some are already looking at radically different approaches to the traditional farming life. They are limited to what is possible or at least, advisable.


3. UK comparison: Sicily and The Lake District

The average tourist seeking the sun might disagree, but the English Lake District and Sicily actually have a lot in common: essentially they are rural areas where farming is fighting to prosper on marginal land. Neither can hope to continue in the same old way.


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