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Programme 3
Alps Under Stress

Tourism is the life-blood of Livigno. This Alpine town in northernmost Italy leads a frantic 24 hour day in the winter season, drawing visitors and workers from all over Europe. But only 30 years ago all this was unimaginable; locals lived the rural in total isolation. Have the land and the community been pushed too far too fast?

1. Introduction: Past growth and future prospects

What factors opened up the valley, and when has it grown most rapidly? Where will development take it if current trends continue?


2. Enough is Enough

Not all locals now believe relentless growth is good. The environment may be suffering; the economy brings wealth, but is at the mercy of visitors and the competition of other resorts across the globe. Does Livigno really need more roads and parking space?


3. UK comparison: Livigno and Aviemore

Aviemore in the Scottish Highlands is the UK's premier skiing centre. Life was once quite peaceful there, but like Livigno, change has come. Look for the similarities, but also understand why each puts on a different show for the tourist.


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