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Programme 2
The Third Italy

Two areas of Italy are well know to geography students: the Industrial Triangle and the Mezzogiorno. But while these have their rightful place, a third force is emerging, with unprecedented rates of growth - the modern hi-tech heart of Italy.

1. Introduction: What's the Third Italy

Maps help pin down an area with the best of both worlds -the accessibility to europe that the north has always enjoyed, and the freedom to start afresh which typifies industrial ventures in the south.


2. Come to Bologna

Your business colleague wants you to relocate: take your firm out of Turin and set up on a hi-tech park at Bologna. Tempting, but will it pay and can you win over the Board of Directors?


3. UK comparison: Third Italy and the M4 corridor

While Italy has its new third region, Britain has the M4. Less exotic perhaps but no less impressive in the wealth being generated by hi-tech firms. There's much each zone could learn from the other. What have they got in common?


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