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Programme 1
The Deep South

For centuries Italy has been a land of two halves - rich north and poor south. This got worse as industrialisation over the last 100 years favoured the northern cities even more. However, after the second world war the government began to try and stop the flow of people and wealth from the south by promoting economic development in its towns and countryside. Success has so far been limited, but in the 1990s private companies, not just government agencies, started to give the south another chance. Possibly a last chance to catch up?

1. Introduction: Who Makes Cars?

Italy is world class in car production, with impressive style and volume. But where does it stand compared with others.


2. Where to locate the car factory

When a firm expands, it has three choices: get more out of existing factories; expand next door and take advantage of all the support networks in that area, or go somewhere new. Fiat, the giant Italian motor firm faced that choice in the 1990s.


3. UK comparison: Melfi and Derby

Car firms all over the world face similar options, but local factors can be different. When Fiat looked at Melfi, a site in the italian south, Toyota were weighing up the land round Derby. What have the two got in common and how do they differ?


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