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Care needs for children— an educational dilemma

Viewing Notes: David is 5 years old and has cerebral palsy. Here his mum talks about his social and intellectual needs in relation to his education.

Care services— provision is delivered through both the formal care sector and the informal sector

Viewing Notes: In this clip Phyllis explains who is providing her health and care support services – a mixture of the council (formal) and family (informal).

Factors that are a risk to health and well-being and the effect they can have

Viewing Notes: Hasina has a genetically inherited disease that has a damaging effect on her well-being; this is compounded by her recovery from a Caesarean and the drugs she has to take.

A balanced diet

Viewing Notes: The food that we eat plays an important part in maintaining our health. Balancing our diet is an essential part of healthy eating.

Growth and development in infancy

Viewing Notes: Note how Hassan’s development needs are met by the pre-school nursery.

Moving out— The effect of a life event on personal development

Viewing Notes: Mark was partially paralysed in a car accident and since then has been living with his parents. In this clip he begins to make plans to become independent. Consider the impact that this new change in his life circumstances will have on his personal development.

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