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Here are some links that relate to the units in this course. Click on the titles below to view them.

Unit 1 – Health, Social Care and Early Years Provision

Unit 2 – Promoting Health and Well-being

Unit 3 – Understanding Personal Development and Relationships

Unit 1 – Health, Social Care and Early Years Provision

You can use the links below to build on the knowledge you've gained from the unit. Each link, which leads to valuable information from the experts, will expand your business knowledge and help you put your plans into action.

Care needs of major client groups

NHS Careers
Advice on careers in all areas of the health arena.

Types of services for babies and children

Official Journal of the Royal College of Midwives
The professional journal for midwives.

Types of services for adolescents

The TOPSS National Training Organisation (NTO)
This organisation helps with the training you need to work in the social services industry.

Types of services for adults

The Samaritans
The Samaritans has helped many people through difficult times.


This organisation, Shelter, has been helping homeless people for 30 years.

Health services for older people

Older people's services
A resource for local NHS organisations and local councils to help deliver higher quality services for older people.

Types of services for disabled people

Guide Dogs for the Blind Association
A look at one of the most popular charities for the partially sighted.

Who provides the care?

Carers Online
This website is primarily aimed at volunteer carers.

Ways of obtaining care services

NHS Direct Online
This link to NHS Direct Online will help you research any symptoms you have.

Barriers that stop people from getting access to health care

The Trafford South Asian Mental Health Project
This project was set up to help people from South Asian communities living in Britain that may be suffering mental health problems but be cut off from treatment by cultural or language barriers.

Jobs in health, social care and early years services

Sheffield Children First
This site not only looks at the qualifications you need to become a nursery nurse, but it also has advice from a real nursery nurse.

Universal skills and qualities

The Nursing Standard
For more thoughts on the professional responsibilities of nurses.

What values should care workers promote? – 1

The Department of Health's information strategy pages
The information strategy of the NHS.

What values should care workers promote? – 2

Improving care for the dying
Palliative care is the type of care given to those with terminal illnesses. Discover more about this type of care here.

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Unit 2 – Promoting Health and Well-being

As you proceed with unit 2, these links will build upon your background understanding of each section.

Understanding health and well-being

Healthy Living
Advice for Scottish people on healthy living.

Factors positively influencing health and well-being

Directgov – Health and well-being
Answers all your health concerns and issues plus it provides links to support groups

Health and Safety Regulations
A short guide to health and safety law.

Risks to health and well-being

Assistance and advice on drug abuse.

Diet and stress

International Stress Management Association
This is the UK's professional body for the study of stress.

More risks to health and well-being

Unprotected sex

Department of Health's sexual health homepage
Information on sexual health

Social isolation

Cruse Bereavement Care
Cruse bereavement has over 6,000 counsellors to help widows.

Poverty and inadequate housing

National Asthma Campaign
The asthma charity's website explains how poor housing may aggravate the illness:

Further risks to health and well-being

ARIC homepage
This organisation monitors atmospheric pollution.

How can an individual's health be measured?

Foundation For Accountability
Resources for measuring and communicating the quality of health care for children and adolescents.

Indicators of physical health

Body Mass Index Calculator
Try entering your details into the calculator to find out your ideal weight.

How can people be encouraged and supported to improve their health?

Our Healthier Nation
This looks at the new government drive to make people healthier.

Getting healthy and fit

Sport England Careers
A look at careers in sport and education.

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Unit 3 – Understanding Personal Development and Relationships

Here are some useful links to help you complete the final part of the course. Hopefully by now you'll feel well informed about health, social care and early years services.

How do individuals grow and develop during each life stage?
Erikson's Eight Stages of Human Development

Infants and children

The Baby Centre
A look at the different stages an infant goes through before talking.


Adolescence: Change and Continuity
Adolescence: Change and Continuity


The University of the Third Age
University of the Third Age.

Social and emotional factors affecting growth and development

Death by overwork in Japan.

Economic and environmental factors affecting growth and development

Oxfam poverty in the UK
A realistic look at the issue of poverty in the UK.

What effects do relationships have on an individual's personal development?

Health and Safety Executive
Government-sponsored site on stress

What factors influence the development of a person's self-concept?

Help the Aged
A page suggesting that most people want to work after the official pension age.

What factors influence the development of a person's self-concept? – 2

Eating Disorders Association
Advice and discussion on the full range of eating disorders.

What factors influence the development of a person's self-concept? – 3
A revision page on the topic of self-concept.

How can life events affect an individual's personal development? – Relationship changes

National Statistics
National statistics on divorce, children and marriages.

How can life events affect an individual's personal development – Physical changes?

Spinal Injuries Association
Information and advice on spinal injuries.

Changes in life circumstances
Advice on how moving house affects children.

Sources of support for individuals experiencing life changes

ChildLine homepage
Advice and statistics based on the 24-hour helpline for children.

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