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As part of your GCSE coursework, you'll need to research and investigate some real people in the health and social care industry. To get you started, these experienced professionals kindly agreed to reveal all. See what they have to say about working in the caring profession.


Being a nurse is not just a job, it becomes a way of life. A day in the life of a qualified nurse is never boring or routine; it's varied, can be exciting and is often frightening at times. It can never be described as predictable. One minute everything is calm and running smoothly then the next something happens – for instance a patient's condition deteriorates suddenly and the whole situation has changed.
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Care Assistant

Working as a care assistant involves working shifts, you either work nights or days, and therefore you need to be able to be very flexible with your time. The job is varied and interesting and you meet a wide range of clients. The client group depends on the field you end up working in, for example, you could be working with elderly people, people with learning difficulties or a physically disability etc.
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Jean Whittle works in the Merseyside borough of Knowsley as a Looked After Children Staff Nurse and Young Carers Project Nurse.
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Social worker

Katherine Salim is a social worker who specialises in supporting children and young people with disabilities. Find out what skills are required to fulfil such a challenging and rewarding occupation.
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Jenny Grimmett is a clinical effectiveness manager at Redwood Diagnosis and Treatment Centre (also known as a DTC). We ask Jenny what her work involves.
Read the case study from BUPA


Jim Lafferty is a dentist at a general practice in Sheffield. Jim and his partner bought the dental practice in March 2001 and they have since added a second surgery. We ask Jim what it takes to work in the industry.
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