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What values should care workers promote?

Promoting anti-discrimination practice

  • Health care workers should be conscious not to involve themselves in any actions that could be seen as discriminatory.
  • Examples of this could be making sure that plans for any new building include wheelchair access.
  • You must also ensure that any treatment process doesn't rule out or offend people according to their race, sex or age.

Maintaining confidentiality of information

The information that you hold as a professional in the health care sector has the capacity to ruin people's lives.

It might be easy to think you will never want to tell anyone any of the information that you gain from a patient, but consider the following example: Your patient is a 17 year old who has just had a test for a serious illness. Her parents come in and demand to know what the test result was. Can you tell them?

The Data Protection Acts 1984 & 1998 and the Access to Personal Files 1987 protect confidential information. This tells practitioners how to keep information confidential and what information can be passed on.

It is important that if you have confidential information about a patient that you know who to pass it on to and when you should pass on information. Breaking someones confidence could lead to them not trusting you again or not passing on information which could put their health at risk.

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