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gcsEASE Applied ICT is an essential educational experience and an interactive academic companion that can help maximise a student's skill set.

  • Comprehensive coverage of each vocational curriculum
  • Content that is OCR, Edexcel and AQA compliant
  • Interactive activities that ignite the imagination while enhancing understanding
  • Case studies featuring advice from experienced professionals

example page from the ICT siteCONTENT

gcsEASE Applied ICT features detailed educational material devised and written by experienced and respected professionals in the industry. Their knowledge and expertise illuminates this lively and informative learning experience.

screen from an activityACTIVITY  Overview

The gcsEASE Applied ICT site features eye-catching and imaginative activities that demonstrate the key skills for working in the industry. This is an extremely simple and enjoyable way to learn a complex concept.

screen from the Web Ready activityACTIVITY  Web Ready

Web Ready is a fun, interactive, hands-on exercise that lets a student discover the differences between types of image file. What are the differences between a gif file and a jpeg file? How does compression affect the image quality? What is dithering and how can it improve your image? The student will learn all these things and more. Image preparation is a key skill for working on any website.

screen from the QuizQUIZ

The gcsEASE Applied ICT site has its own quiz. This provides the opportunity for students to test their own knowledge and to identify where they need to improve. The interactive quiz is also much more fun than a formal written test.

example case studyCASE STUDIES

gcsEASE Applied ICT features interviews with experienced experts in the industry. The ICT course features advice from companies such as IBM and HMV.


gcsEASE Applied ICT provides over 30 essential links that access key websites.

Did You Know? links to fascinating facts about the ICT industry.